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ReporterWorks is no longer for sale.


But you can still have it.



In 1998, I started producing ReporterWorks with the simple goal of providing affordable and usable software to my court reporting friends. The goal was to produce a system that I could afford and want to buy. Of course, I wanted to make money at it, too, the thought there being that if I built it, maybe they'd buy it.

Now in 2012, 14 years and nine versions down the road, it's been a good run. I've had users in all 50 states and in other countries. I've enjoyed increased camaraderie and an expansion of my own learning. I cannot express enough to John and Emily how much I've appreciated their programming acumen and care they've taken in this effort.

But now I have to move on. I no longer have the means to continue programming, and do not have the support tools and expertise necessary to carry that on. I cannot hire other programming. As a financial endeavor, ReporterWorks has been one that has sometimes given me some pocket change, sometimes was subsidized by my court reporting business.

So what now? ReporterWorks still is being used very successfully by many offices and reporters, including my office. It's a functional piece that would benefit my colleagues. Yet I can't afford to push it myself.

So here's the deal, my dear reporting colleagues. ReporterWorks is a free program. You can download it and install it. I'll put it all up there, including the manual. It comes with one catch: I can't support it. If you want an office management software package for the right price (free) and understand that it comes without system support, go right ahead.

Not to say it's completely orphaned. I'd like to think it will have adoptive family. I've started up a Facebook page for people to share support and program advice on. It's at Feel free to go to that page and exchange information, troubles, gripes, and helpful hints. I will weigh in there from time to time......

....BUT I cannot support this program anymore, guys. I just can't. And if you're thinking that, "Oh, Jason's my buddy. I know his work number, cell number, email address, and he wouldn't mind spending five minutes helping me" .... I can't. I had a heart attack last year and a business venture that didn't go well. I have to watch my health and still apply myself unceasingly to my business that's paying the bills. I cannot afford, financially, personally, or from a health standpoint to support it.

Look at it this way. I've had the wonderful opportunity of making many friends in this business. If just 20 of them were to say, "Oh, I'll just get five minutes of help from him. He won't mind," it never is just five minutes. It will be between a half an hour to an hour or more for each one; and then a couple working days, in cumulative time, are gone, and I cannot afford those days. Please. Use the Facebook page.

And please understand, too, that you're responsible for any data that you put in. If you fail to back up your data, or screw it up, I cannot help you. Once it's gone, it's gone. So please, follow the instructions, back up, and (to repeat) follow the instructions. Many, many users, including me, have used ReporterWorks successfully for many years. It's a good, solid, stable program. But any program can crash, and any user can muck up their own data. Stay backed up and follow the instructions.

So here are the files. We can start off with the "Follow the instructions" test right away!

1. Select the version you want.

2. Download the zip file.

3. Once the zip file is on your computer, expand the zip files out onto a clean CD or clean jump drive.

4. Go to that CD or jump drive and double-click "setup.exe"

5. Once the installation routine begins, keep hitting Enter to install the program.

Current users: This is ReporterWorks 8. If you do not have ReporterWorks 8, you can upgrade, and you will then need to run ReporterWorks Setup from the Windows program list to import your current data into Ver. 8. Back up your current data, and if there is a problem with data import, you can simply revert to your current version. New ReporterWorks installations are made in a separate folder and do not overwrite your current version.

The files:

ReporterWorks 8 Pro.  The networked version, with password levels and other security features.

ReporterWorks Standard. A version for smaller offices. Does commissions and fully functional.

ReporterWorks Solo. For the solo freelancer or official.

The ReporterWorks Ver. 8 manual. For all versions. You only need to download this if you want to know how to run this very useful program.


Computer with ReporterWorks


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